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Cartography with frog perspective

The perfect mix of visualization and marketing

Oops, here we are ...

the cheerful team with a leap ahead! We are no ordinary frogs, but creative minds with a dash of humor. We shape the world with a twinkle in our eyes, leap over challenges and never miss a quack. There's a place for everyone in our pond of ideas. Welcome to our crazy frog group, where creativity bubbles up and the fun never runs dry!


Our projects

We have already supported many tourism associations, hotels and businesses with the implementation of their printed materials. Here are some of our projects:


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What our customers say

"We can recommend Geomarketing in every respect. We have found the company to be a reliable, competent and innovative partner for various joint print jobs. The orders are handled with great professionalism by both the management and the individual employees. We look forward to many more projects in collaboration with geomarketing."

Ferienregion Reschenpass

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